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The ferries to Greek Islands Resume Service

Marmaris - Rodos island ferry services resume on the 16th of April 2022.
Fethiye - Rodos island ferry services have resumed.


Once a little fishing port, Marmaris (ancient PHYSKOS) has developed into one of Turkey’s busiest and most Anglicized resorts. Its port welcomes luxury cruise liners, which disgorge passengers keen to sample the town’s extensive facilities and visit the ancient sites nearby - the biblical city of Efes where the stories in the Bible come alive, (the second biggest city of Roman Empire, after Rome); another sightseeing place not to be missed is Pamukkale, that is considered to be the 8th world wonder. The tours and breathtaking scenery are reasons why Marmaris, Turkey, is considered a quality tourist spot. During the summer, more than 300,000 travelers from England, Holland, Russia, Macedonia and Germany occupy the streets and hotels. The melting pot of tourists is ideal for anyone's holiday.

Marmaris also is South Aegean's prettiest resort for scuba diving. There are several dive centers in Marmaris that arrange guided diving trips, excursions and even provide diving lessons for the inexperienced individuals, eager to try out this underwater sport.

Shopping is a delight in Marmaris. Some truly shop till they drop in this shopping Mecca! For the shopaholics, you won’t need to venture out of Marmaris. With the permanent bazaar, local Friday market and the modern supermarkets, you’ll find everything your looking for on the doorstep. Leather goods of all kinds, natural sponges, natural honey and olive oil, as well as local blue glass beads (the Boncuk) are among the bargains to be found in the friendly little shops along the downtown bazaar. Charming boutiques at the end of the promenade offer kilims, carpets, sandals and embroidery as well as original fashions.

Along the promenade in Marmaris you will find restaurants, bars, karaoke and discos to suit everyone’s taste. The nightlife is abundant, and if your fed up with the promenade try Bar Street – exactly that – to enjoy live bands or Turkish music. As most bars and restaurants are open-air or have a garden area, it’s suitable for the whole family to have a sing and dance. But remember, real clubbing doesn’t start till 10.00PM here, so don’t go home before it’s all started.

A visit to the Hamams (Turkish Bath) is a must on your holiday in Marmaris Turkey!

There are daily hydrofoils, catamarans and ferries to the Greek island of Rhodes May through October. Use your chance to visit two countries on one holiday!

Marmaris is the heart of yachting, situated on a large sheltered bay with many anchorages. All entry and exit formalities are completed at the customs post, located to the east of Marmaris, at the berthing point of the daily catamarans and ferries to Rhodes.

Turkish standard time is 2 hours ahead Greenwich Mean Time, 1 hour ahead of Central European Time, and 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.  Summer (Daylight-Saving) Time is observed in Turkey, where the time is shifted forward by 1 hour; 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3).
After the Summer months the time in Turkish Time is shifted back by 1 hour to Eastern European Time (EET) or (GMT+2)

Turkish Lira (TL)
Click on the link below to view the current rates: Exchange rates of Central Bank  of Turkey

Marmaris Banks
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 09.00- 12.00 and 13.30 17.00
Certain Banks open on Saturdays half day and during lunch hours.
Exchange Offices are open everyday until around 11.00pm.
Foreign Currency, Travellers Cheques, and Credit Cards are accepted in Turkey except the Scottish Pound and torn or damaged notes.
ATM machines are available throughout the resort, the port and marina area.

Marmaris Climate and Avarage Weather (in C degrees)
Mediterranean climate prevails in Marmaris with hot and humid summers and warm but rainy winters. In summer the air temperatures can reach 50C and heatwaves have become very common in Marmaris in the past few years.  The most comfortable months to visit Marmaris would be May, second half of September, October and even November. The rainy winters that begin after November are characterized by heavy showers with thunderstorms. However, unlike other parts of the Mediterranean, Marmaris has developed an infrastructure that prevents floods in Marmaris.

Marmaris Air Sea
January 11° C 15° C
February 15° C 15° C
March 18° C 16° C
April 21° C 17° C
May 26° C 19° C
June 30° C 21° C
July 34° C 24° C
August 35° C 25° C
September 31° C 25.5° C
October 27° C 23° C
November 15° C 20.3° C
December 12° C 17.5° C

Marmaris Geography and Population
The town of Marmaris is located at the meeting place of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, on the world's largest natural harbour, surrounded by pine-clad hills.

Situated in southwest Turkey, in the province of Mugla, Marmaris is one of Turkey's biggest tourist resorts. To the north lies the Gulf of Gokova, to the south the Mediterranean. On the west is Datca peninsula and to the east Koycegiz lake; all year round Marmaris is surrounded by blue and green. The hills running in to the sea and the beautiful bays make Marmaris very special.

The old part of town is a residential area around the castle. The old houses, all under preservation order and the narrow streets leading to them are a delight to explore: there are some classic examples of Mugla architecture on display. Marmaris later began to spread out around the castle hill and along the shore, but the growth of tourism resulted in housing being prohibited along the shoreline and planning permission granted only to tourist hotels. Marmaris is a year-round home for many foreigners, a large number of whom have yachts in the modern 700-berth marina. The population rises from 30 000 in winter to around 150 000 in summer due to available hotel accommodation.

Marmaris is 60 kilometres away from the provincial capital Mugla, and the mountainous landscape of the surrounding countryside shows that forestry plays an important part in the area's economy. The town boundaries enclose and area of 86 000 hectares, 65 000 of which are forested. The beauty of Marmaris stems from this just as much as from the natural harbour.

Typical Costs in Marmaris
Turkish breakfasts from 10 Turkish Lira (salty cheese and olives, served with fresh and ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, all come with fresh village bread and local honey and jams.
English breakfasts from 7 Turkish Lira.
Kebabs from 5 Turkish Lira.
Chicken wraps from 3,5 Turkish Lira.
Five course meal from 15 Turkish Lira.
Turkish tea and coffee are cheaper at town's Belediye cafe. You would pay 2 Turkish lira for Turkish coffee where the locals drink, instead of pricey town's patisseries where you would be charged from 5-6 Turkish lira for Turkish coffee.
Sunbeds on most Marmaris beaches are FREE if you buy your drinks and food from the bar running the beach.

Travel Around Marmaris
Local ‘Dolmuş’ minibus runs from Marmaris to İçmeler and back again. Get on and off anywhere along the route. Fee: 2 TL
Taxis are recognized by there yellow colour. The fare shown on the meter reads according to the distance travelled.

Health and Safety in Marmaris
Inoculations - Please see your local GP.
Drink only bottled water.
Ambulance number 112.
Private and State hospitals, doctors surgeries and clinics are available all over Marmaris. Health insurance is highly recommended.
Medical facilities in our town are up-to-date and equipped to cope with the majority of medical problems. There are multilingual doctors and dentists all around the town open during weekly business hours.

For emergencies the town hospitals are open 24 hours a day and most of the duty doctors are bilingual. An ambulance service may be requested from hospitals for emergencies.

There is a large number of pharmacies (Eczane) in Marmaris, open during business hours. In each area there is a pharmacy open 24-hour for emergencies. To learn which pharmacy is on duty, check with your tour operator, the notices posted on the pharmacy windows or call information on 118. All medicine is available, yet strong painkillers, tranquilizers, and some other medicine require prescription.

How much will a visit to doctor cost me ?
In Turkey, like in most European countries you will be charged for your visits. Usually a regular visit to a doctor would cost about 50-80 TL. However, the fee could change so it is better to ask about approximate price in advance. Most doctors provide receipts for holiday insurance claims.

Electrical Appliances
The voltage is 220 Volts AC in all parts of the country.


The port of Marmaris is located on the SW coast of Turkey, 50 km north of the Greek island of Rhodes. The port is open to the SE to the Mediterranean Sea, but is protected by the Yildiz Adasi peninsula to the south. The sea area to the south and east of Yildiz Adasi is sometimes referred to as the outer harbor of Marmaris Limani.

The port ("liman" in Turkish language) is located at the eastern end of Marmaris, past Marmaris Bus station ( Otogar in Turkish ) and Netsel Marina. To reach Marmaris port from the east (i.e. arriving from Dalaman airport) drive down Mustafa Muni Relgin Bulvari past the bus station and Marina area. The distance from Dalaman airport is 95 km. Driving time from Dalaman international airport is approximately 1.5 hours but be aware of the road improvement works causing some parts of the road to be closed to traffic on certain days and hours. To reach Marmaris port from the west (i.e. arriving from Turunc, Icmeler or Marmaris) follow the central Marmaris road and from Ataturk bulvari turn to the left following Ulusal Egemenlik street which is also the road out of resort in direction of Dalaman airport. When you reach the end of resort turn right to follow Mustafa Muni Relgin Elgin Bulvari past the bus station and Marina area.


36°50’ 57.0" N, 28°16’ 45.2" E


Marmaris Cruise Port tel. 0090 252 412 03 03
Marmaris Bookings Office tel. 0090 252 417 11 28
Marmaris Harbour Master tel. 0090 252 412 10 13
Marmaris Customs tel. 0090 252 412 16 96
Marmaris Coastguard tel. 158

Did you know ?
The earliest landscape painting in history exists on a wall of a Çatalhöyük house dating from 6200 BC.
In 640 BC coins made of electrum were used by the Lydians in Sardis (Sart) for the first time in history.
The Temple of Artemis was one od the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
The first man ever to fly was Turkish. Using two wings Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi flew from the Galata Tower over the Bosphorus to land in Üskudar in the 17th Century.
Mount Ararat (Ağrı Dağ) is in Anatolia. It is believed that Ararat is the place where Noah’s Ark landed. Ararat is the Hebrew form for Urartu, the Assyrian name for a kingdom that existed in the region from the 11th century to the 7th century BC.
Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot near Ankara. The double knot in Turkish carpets is called “Gördes Düğüm’ü” which is the Turkish expression for the Gordian Knot.

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